Hi, everyone my name is Bianca and I’m new to blogging.  I’m starting this blog because I want to introduce myself to as many new people as I can.  I recently published an ebook on smashwords.com and I’m trying to promote myself and the site.  It’s an awesome site that has allowed thousands of people to realize their dream of being published.

There are some great novels on the site, which is how I found out about the site reading a short story on my kindle.  I hope you’ll visit and check the site out.


2 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Support my sister I’m so proud of her she has been at this for a while and I’m glad the world will see how talented she is love you Bianca. your little brother Deon.

  2. Hi BeBe, Great blog site,I love it. I also like the smashword site and you book entry. So proud of you and ALL my friends with our without kindle will be buying the book and loggin into your blog. Keep the faith and you have Already done great things.

    Smooches LuLu

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