Just News

Here is the sample of my short story.  I’ll post when I have the story available for purchase.  I hope everyone enjoys it.  🙂

“I’m sure you must be wondering why I’m here.”

She paused, took a deep breath waiting for him to respond. He didn’t so, Talia barreled on hoping to get everything out before her nerves completely failed.

“Today is my birthday and I am hoping you will help me with a present I want to get for myself.”

Now she really had him curious. Maybe she was looking for an expensive bottle of wine.

“What are you looking for?”

“An orgasm that isn’t self-induced.”

Sam saw her mouth move; he heard words and his cock, semi-hard since she’d walked in the door was now rock hard, but he couldn’t believe he’d actually heard her correctly. He slid along the desk until he was directly in front of her, leaned forward and dragged the chair toward him until her knees touched his legs.

“Did you just ask me for an orgasm?”

Talia let go of the arms of the chair, she had grabbed when he moved the chair, and neatly folded her hands on her lap again.

“Yes. Hopefully not just one.”

Sam shook his head a little; he still had trouble believing Talia Winters was asking him for multiple orgasms. Sam stood, offering Talia a glimpse of his cock straining to get out of his jeans as he moved around the chair to get to the door. Talia stood. He was leaving; he wasn’t going to have sex with her.

“Sam, wait.”

Sam locked the door and turned back to Talia. She was standing in front of the desk gripping tightly to her handbag.

“I hope you aren’t about to change your mind now.”

Shaking her head Talia said, “No”.

She put her purse down on the desk as he came back and sat in the chair. She tugged the tie of the wrap dress opening it to reveal the underwear she’d brought with Jamie days before.


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