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I’ve been reading Secrets To Ebook Publishing Success by Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords.com.  It has great information in it; one point he stresses is that for an indie author to find success a good product is a must.  Some advice I’ve come across over and over again also is to write about what you know.  I really can’t get behind ‘the write what you know expression’.  I don’t think I know anything important that everyone else doesn’t already know.  I’m also not trying to write the next ‘Great American Novel’. I’ve said before that I love reading.  I will read almost anything and have since I was in elementary school and the assistant librarian taught me to read silently.  I read for entertainment; I love reading because it keeps my problems at bay for a while.  Reading is fun for me, and that’s the way I approach my writing.  I write what I enjoy and hope my stories give some fun and enjoyment to someone else.  So that’s the ‘good product’ I strive for something fun and entertaining that provides an escape for anyone needing a little relief from the stress of everyday life.


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