Monthly Archives: June 2016

Great News

I’m back again.  I will never be the world’s best blogger, but I’m going to continue to keep trying with this. It has been years since I have written a post and years since I published a new story.  I’m writing again.  I was working on a second novel; I can’t tell you what occurred, but I didn’t finish it.  Life happened in some way, and I just put it aside.  I recently finished a new novel.  I’m having it test read right now.  I had plans to have it published by April, but that didn’t happen.  I’m hoping to get it out by September now.
Between the second novel and the one I just finished, I have written some poems.  I have written poetry for years, but it was only recently that I shared them with anyone.  At first, I only showed them to my sister; then I started attending church again.  The church installed a new minister, and his wife hosted a poetry night.  I showed her one of the poems I had written years ago, she like it and wanted to see more.  Since then she has asked me to write for several programs we have had at the church.
My sister encouraged me to publish the poems.  I was hesitant to share them so publicly because I felt it was too personal.  I decided to do it finally. I said it is what it is.  Love it or hate it, it was an expression of what I was feeling at the time, and maybe someone will connect with the words and feel the emotional release I felt when I wrote them.
The book is called Words From My Soul.  It is available at all the main ebook retailers.  I started a Facebook page for my writing.  I posted a sample of the poem in the book, please visit the page and if you enjoy the sample like the page.  🙂