Monthly Archives: November 2017

Tax Fantasy

I do not believe the tax reform bill that is the process of being passed is a good idea. There is no way this plan will benefit anyone one, but business owners and the wealthy. For as long as “Trickle Down” has been around, I have yet to see any proof that it works.
The driving force behind most companies in America is to make money for their owners and management. The tax rate is not the primary reason a lot of companies move jobs overseas. They moved jobs abroad for cheaper labor. Lowering the tax rate for them is just a gift, not an incentive to higher more American people. Why hire Americans that you must pay a wage and benefits when you could find someone in another country to work for a fraction of the cost. Considering these facts how can anyone believe that lower tax rates would create more jobs. Has anyone asked everyday working Americans if they trust the promises of the corporations they toll for every day?
Companies will demand other concessions to hire more Americans. The bill will already take away health care for millions, what else will workers lose, sick leave, vacation days?
Another concern I have with the idea of betting the country’s future on the touted growing economy is our status in the world currently. Many may not agree with me, but I believe the reputation of the United States is in a severe decline. The divisive atmosphere in the country today is not conducive to attracting new business to America.
This tax bill will not work, and I hope it never passes.


Starting Again.

I’m changing the focus of my blog. I will continue my writing, but I want to start using this platform to express my views on things happening in the world today. I know we have people expressing their opinions on our country every day, but I believe we all need to start making our voices known. Our country needs a change.
We can only make our country better by an open dialogue about the problems we face. We need to understand and respect all segments of our society if our country is going to come together again. This past Sunday, our minister asked what impact are we having on civilization. The question settled a debate I was having with myself about making this change.
Several weeks ago I read a post on the Facebook page of an acquaintance that saddened me. I fell back on my usual way of expressing myself, writing. I wrote a page about what that post made me feel. Of course, I felt better after getting my thoughts out, but I wanted to do more than just feel better. I wanted to do something with what I’d written. I wanted to know if anyone else agreed with my opinion; I wanted to see if it could help people with different leanings understand the ones that agreed with me.
I don’t want to argue with anyone, belittle anyone, or say anyone else is wrong. I want everyone to speak out. We have all been silent too long.