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Tax Fantasy

I do not believe the tax reform bill that is the process of being passed is a good idea. There is no way this plan will benefit anyone one, but business owners and the wealthy. For as long as “Trickle Down” has been around, I have yet to see any proof that it works.
The driving force behind most companies in America is to make money for their owners and management. The tax rate is not the primary reason a lot of companies move jobs overseas. They moved jobs abroad for cheaper labor. Lowering the tax rate for them is just a gift, not an incentive to higher more American people. Why hire Americans that you must pay a wage and benefits when you could find someone in another country to work for a fraction of the cost. Considering these facts how can anyone believe that lower tax rates would create more jobs. Has anyone asked everyday working Americans if they trust the promises of the corporations they toll for every day?
Companies will demand other concessions to hire more Americans. The bill will already take away health care for millions, what else will workers lose, sick leave, vacation days?
Another concern I have with the idea of betting the country’s future on the touted growing economy is our status in the world currently. Many may not agree with me, but I believe the reputation of the United States is in a severe decline. The divisive atmosphere in the country today is not conducive to attracting new business to America.
This tax bill will not work, and I hope it never passes.


Starting Again.

I’m changing the focus of my blog. I will continue my writing, but I want to start using this platform to express my views on things happening in the world today. I know we have people expressing their opinions on our country every day, but I believe we all need to start making our voices known. Our country needs a change.
We can only make our country better by an open dialogue about the problems we face. We need to understand and respect all segments of our society if our country is going to come together again. This past Sunday, our minister asked what impact are we having on civilization. The question settled a debate I was having with myself about making this change.
Several weeks ago I read a post on the Facebook page of an acquaintance that saddened me. I fell back on my usual way of expressing myself, writing. I wrote a page about what that post made me feel. Of course, I felt better after getting my thoughts out, but I wanted to do more than just feel better. I wanted to do something with what I’d written. I wanted to know if anyone else agreed with my opinion; I wanted to see if it could help people with different leanings understand the ones that agreed with me.
I don’t want to argue with anyone, belittle anyone, or say anyone else is wrong. I want everyone to speak out. We have all been silent too long.

Great News

I’m back again.  I will never be the world’s best blogger, but I’m going to continue to keep trying with this. It has been years since I have written a post and years since I published a new story.  I’m writing again.  I was working on a second novel; I can’t tell you what occurred, but I didn’t finish it.  Life happened in some way, and I just put it aside.  I recently finished a new novel.  I’m having it test read right now.  I had plans to have it published by April, but that didn’t happen.  I’m hoping to get it out by September now.
Between the second novel and the one I just finished, I have written some poems.  I have written poetry for years, but it was only recently that I shared them with anyone.  At first, I only showed them to my sister; then I started attending church again.  The church installed a new minister, and his wife hosted a poetry night.  I showed her one of the poems I had written years ago, she like it and wanted to see more.  Since then she has asked me to write for several programs we have had at the church.
My sister encouraged me to publish the poems.  I was hesitant to share them so publicly because I felt it was too personal.  I decided to do it finally. I said it is what it is.  Love it or hate it, it was an expression of what I was feeling at the time, and maybe someone will connect with the words and feel the emotional release I felt when I wrote them.
The book is called Words From My Soul.  It is available at all the main ebook retailers.  I started a Facebook page for my writing.  I posted a sample of the poem in the book, please visit the page and if you enjoy the sample like the page.  🙂


Just News

I’ve been reading Secrets To Ebook Publishing Success by Mark Coker, founder of  It has great information in it; one point he stresses is that for an indie author to find success a good product is a must.  Some advice I’ve come across over and over again also is to write about what you know.  I really can’t get behind ‘the write what you know expression’.  I don’t think I know anything important that everyone else doesn’t already know.  I’m also not trying to write the next ‘Great American Novel’. I’ve said before that I love reading.  I will read almost anything and have since I was in elementary school and the assistant librarian taught me to read silently.  I read for entertainment; I love reading because it keeps my problems at bay for a while.  Reading is fun for me, and that’s the way I approach my writing.  I write what I enjoy and hope my stories give some fun and enjoyment to someone else.  So that’s the ‘good product’ I strive for something fun and entertaining that provides an escape for anyone needing a little relief from the stress of everyday life.

I’m Back

It’s been almost a year since I’ve written a post.  I lost my confidence had stopped writing for a while.  I tried working a customer service job but I wasn’t happy so, I’m going back to my writing.  I’ve started editing my next story and have been checking my accounts with all the companies that carry my first book.  I’ve had sales I knew nothing about and even a review.  I was so happy.  It’s proof someone besides one of my family members thinks my story is good. 🙂  That is  encouraging and helps me feel that I did make the right choice about my future.  When I finish tinkering with the first couple of chapters, I’ll post them here.  I hope someone will read them and give me some feedback.  🙂

Just News

It has been a while since I’ve had anything interesting to share but the last couple of days have been busy.  Smashwords has sent out an email saying PayPal has demanded that Smashwords remove several categories of erotica or PayPal will stop processing their sales. I was shocked; I thought I lived in the United States.  What is the world coming to when PayPal and credit card companies can decided what I can read and write?  I would like to ask anyone that reads this post to please click the links below and tell these companies that we will not allow them to dictate to us.


American Express:
Ebay (owns PayPal):


Just News

I read another article today.  🙂 Between looking for more ways to advertise and Facebook, I’ve been reading a lot about Indie Writers.  This article was about a site called Kickstarter and how writers, game developers and others are raising money by getting people to pledge money for the project.  I’m not worried about getting my stories in print any longer.  I really don’t feel it’s necessary.  I’m just as proud to have an ebook as I would be if it were print, being a kindle-holic these days, may have something to do with that. 🙂  The only reason I would consider such a possibility would be for a book cover and that would be a fleeting thought more than a serious consideration.

Just News

I read another article today.  This one asked if this was the best or worst time to be a writer.  The article suggests it’s a good time for the computer savvy writers but a bad time for less technically skilled writers.  I personally believe it’s a good time for anyone that really wants to be published.  Today if you really want to be an author you can be.  You don’t have to be rejected over and over because someone doesn’t feel that they can make a return on their investment.  You can turn all the energy you’ve would have used to convince an agent or publisher to accept you, to convincing readers to purchase your work.  I personally find it liberating that I can put out a work exactly how I want it and have someone sample or purchase it.  It feels wonderful knowing for start to finish that I produced a story someone wanted to read.

Just News

Today I read this article, I found the link on the smashwords facebook page.  At the end of the  article they were discussing authors and readers interacting during the writing process.  I personally don’t like the idea.  As a reader I don’t want to be involved developing a story.  To me the joy of reading is getting swept along by the story and if I knew everything going on there would be no surprise.  Personally I wouldn’t want to show anyone my story before I’d finished it.  That goes back to why I love reading I guess, showing an unfinished work is ruining the surprise of the story to me.  I also wouldn’t want to tell someone what their story should be.  Maybe I have applied an interpretation that wasn’t intended but as it stands now I’m not in agreement with such an idea.