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I’m Back

It’s been almost a year since I’ve written a post.  I lost my confidence had stopped writing for a while.  I tried working a customer service job but I wasn’t happy so, I’m going back to my writing.  I’ve started editing my next story and have been checking my accounts with all the companies that carry my first book.  I’ve had sales I knew nothing about and even a review.  I was so happy.  It’s proof someone besides one of my family members thinks my story is good. 🙂  That is  encouraging and helps me feel that I did make the right choice about my future.  When I finish tinkering with the first couple of chapters, I’ll post them here.  I hope someone will read them and give me some feedback.  🙂


Just News

I read another article today.  🙂 Between looking for more ways to advertise and Facebook, I’ve been reading a lot about Indie Writers.  This article was about a site called Kickstarter and how writers, game developers and others are raising money by getting people to pledge money for the project.  I’m not worried about getting my stories in print any longer.  I really don’t feel it’s necessary.  I’m just as proud to have an ebook as I would be if it were print, being a kindle-holic these days, may have something to do with that. 🙂  The only reason I would consider such a possibility would be for a book cover and that would be a fleeting thought more than a serious consideration.