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Just News

I’ve been reading Secrets To Ebook Publishing Success by Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords.com.  It has great information in it; one point he stresses is that for an indie author to find success a good product is a must.  Some advice I’ve come across over and over again also is to write about what you know.  I really can’t get behind ‘the write what you know expression’.  I don’t think I know anything important that everyone else doesn’t already know.  I’m also not trying to write the next ‘Great American Novel’. I’ve said before that I love reading.  I will read almost anything and have since I was in elementary school and the assistant librarian taught me to read silently.  I read for entertainment; I love reading because it keeps my problems at bay for a while.  Reading is fun for me, and that’s the way I approach my writing.  I write what I enjoy and hope my stories give some fun and enjoyment to someone else.  So that’s the ‘good product’ I strive for something fun and entertaining that provides an escape for anyone needing a little relief from the stress of everyday life.


Just News

It has been a while since I’ve had anything interesting to share but the last couple of days have been busy.  Smashwords has sent out an email saying PayPal has demanded that Smashwords remove several categories of erotica or PayPal will stop processing their sales. I was shocked; I thought I lived in the United States.  What is the world coming to when PayPal and credit card companies can decided what I can read and write?  I would like to ask anyone that reads this post to please click the links below and tell these companies that we will not allow them to dictate to us.


American Express: 
Ebay (owns PayPal):